Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bloggin' and Schemin'

Good lord, it must really look like I was incredibly crushed over Sex and the City’s decline of epic proportions – almost one full year with no posts! Yes, I quickly got over my disappointment and now follow my amazing friend Holly’s blog Back On Carrie’s Stoop, reliving the good ol’days and examining the series with a different set of lenses: one that knows what’s coming.

So, for the past 10 months I’ve been dealing with life sans blog. Although I’m notorious for crowding my back burners, I always end up coming back to R4R because…really, nothing I could possibly do in my professional or personal life gives me as much satisfaction as being able to create something on my own terms. No board members, no stakeholders, no supervisors, no editors – just me. (Cue sinister laugh)

Truth be told, the thought of blogging again almost became a tad overwhelming. With all the wretched nonsense happening on the women’s health/reproductive justice front, I didn’t know where to start. As soon as I had an idea of where to start, more nonsense would fall from the sky and my head would explode once again (rightfully so).

Since I last logged into R4R, our U.S. House has been taken over by wackadoos who see fighting the culture wars as reeeaaally, reeeaaally important right now – despite the fact that our economy is in the shitter. Newly (and no so newly) elected wackadoos across the nation are masquerading their sexist/racist/classist/ableist agenda as – ahem – “fiscal responsibility”. Explain to me the logic, asshats, of how eliminating programs that help keep low-income folks afloat will be better for our economy…while letting those top 2% income earners sit on their fat assets??

Oooh, I’m getting angry! How I missed blogging! A few more thoughts:

* I find it incredibly ignorant – no, I mean stupid – that wackadoo legislators can stand on the SENATE FLOOR and give outright FALSE statistics about Planned Parenthood…and wake up the next morning with their jobs intact. If I came into work spewing lies and disseminating them on our listservs, I’d be gainfully employed no more. Just because PP is considered “controversial”, it’s ok to not pay attention to facts?! Who does your research?! (You do know what research is, don’t you?) Oh, and the fact that it’s considered “controversial” is only because of your verbal shit-tactics – not because of any truth.

* Recently, I found out from Glenn Beck that I’m a hooker. Apparently, so are ALL of my female friends…and a few of my male friends, as well. He also informed me that if birth control is too expensive, we should quit crying about it and just use condoms. While I am tickled that GB is advocating condom use, I will assume (with good reason) that if said condom were to break (with no backup method), I would no longer be considered a responsible woman, but a stupid “tough luck!” whore.

* If Donald Trump really wants to help America, he should write the U.S. Gov’t a check and go hide under a rock. I’ve seen and heard more from him in the past few weeks than I care to EVER. (And I thought I could avoid his “my-mother-breast-fed-me-with-a-lemon-face” by simply not watching The Apprentice. Joke’s on me!)

* What the hell is happening in the states?! Last I checked, we had this thing called Roe v. Wade…(more on this later…)

* Congressman Bob (Wackadoo) Latta of Ohio wants to ax funding for the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) under the guise of being “fiscally responsible”….but how dare we talk about cutting funding for abstinence-only education, which has PROVEN to be….um….not working and not based on any…….how do you call it?……evidence.


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