Friday, July 3, 2009

Beach Blanket Burger Bingo Bullshit.

First there was Paris. Then there was Padma. Now, it's Audrina - and I've officially had enough.

I'm referring of course to the ads for Carl's Jr. – sexifying gargantuan, artery-clogging hamburgers that in no way, shape or form have anything to do with scantily clad women.

Who are you trying to fool? Like ANYone believes that:

a) Eating this shit will turn one's body into the white, privileged, American ideal of "beauty"
b) These over-paid celebs actually eat said shit

The most insulting part? CJ's catchphrase: "More Than Just A Piece Of Meat."

Um, yeah....there's truth in that, but CJ's has it ass-backwards. Apparently, the burgers get more respect than women.

On the flipside, one can argue that everyone has their price. We can safely assume none of these women were forced at economic gunpoint to whore themselves out to a fast food chain. Sexism survives if we let it. As long as degrading advertisements like this one rake in the big $$$, corporations will continue utilizing the T&A to ensure you keep exposing your wallet.

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