Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote, baby, VOTE!

Just cast my ballot - who knew I'd be so peppy getting up at the ass-crack of dawn!

My friend and I were giddy as we left our polling place - maybe we're just nerds, but there's this feeling of pride and accomplishment we both shared. It's amazing how such a small (almost anti-climactic) action of pressing a few buttons can mean so much.

That's why I get so fucking angry when people get on their soapboxes about how "lame" or "pointless" voting is. What pisses me off most of all is the fact that these people are as fed up with the status quo as I am - yet, they snub the most important step they can take to try and change it. Sure, our system is far from perfect - but how is refusing to participate in it going to fix anything? As far as I'm concerned: if you didn't vote, you can't bitch. I bitched about Bush for EIGHT YEARS - because I didn't vote for him either time, and I was pissed. If you aren't happy with something, raise your voice and use the vehicles you have to show your disapproval! Get involved in your community, organizations, movements to bring about change when we're not in an election year. DO SOMETHING! Even if it's just writing a freakin' blog you think no one reads - you're at least getting your thoughts and your message out there.

I'm sick of the whole: "I'm too annoyed and cynical to vote. I'm so much better than you idealistic losers who think it's going to make a difference. I waste my breath telling you how angry I am, but I'm not going to do anything about it."

Get the fuck over yourselves.

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