Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sharp Dressed (Wo)man.

By now, you've probably heard about paper doll Sarah Palin's shopping sprees. Reports show the RNC has spent over $150,000 on clothing, hair and makeup for the VP candidate's appearances on the campaign trail. Cause really - who cares what asinine crap comes out of her mouth as long as she looks good? Props to CNN's Campbell Brown for addressing this on the air:

I feel it's as obvious as ever why Johnny picked Palin as his running mate: there's been too much talk about the Republican party equating to rich, crusty old white men. Sooooo....let's incorporate some CHANGE (cause that's what all the hip kids are saying these days) and put a rich, young white WOMAN in the public eye! Oh, they'll eat that up! But she has to be hot - we don't want some post-menopausal hag - women don't want to be that and men don't want to look at that. Who cares what her creds are - she's got peeps to write her speeches for her (just make sure we keep her away from unscripted questions from the media - people might actually find out she's stupid).

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