Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Excuse me, can I have some salt for my placenta?

What's new and exciting in the world of new motherhood? Placentas! Apparently, a woman who ingests her own placenta has a better chance of avoiding postpartum depression and the "baby blues."

While there's no scientific research yet, women across the country swear by it. It makes sense, when you consider the hormone factor. The placenta contains estrogen and progesterone, both which sharply decline in women right after childbirth. Some women say ingesting the placenta stabilizes these hormone levels.

Now before you all get visuals of post-delivery women scooping their afterbirths off the floor and chowing down, it's not like that. Guides for eating placenta recommend adding it to lasagna or as a pizza topping. Squisito!

Jodi Selander dried hers, grinded it up into powder and made capsules. She now sells placenta encapsulation kits on the Internet.

Sure, it sounds weird in a bad sci-fi movie kinda way, but Selander makes a good point:

"We have a very sanitary society. Anything that is not cleaned up and pretty and made to be put on display, we do deem as gross. But the thing is, birth is a messy process and the whole act of bringing life into the world is a whole messy ordeal."

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